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Judge Paul Ridgeway is the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge of the 10th Judicial District (Wake County), North Carolina.

For 15 years, you have entrusted me with the privilege of serving as a Judge of the North Carolina Superior Court.  Each day, I am thankful for the opportunity to serve. And, each day, I continue to be motivated to do the best job that I possibly can to honor the trust you have placed in me.  


In my tenure as a judge, I have been called to preside in many counties throughout our State in cases of every sort – heartrending murders and assaults, complex multi-million dollar commercial disputes, and constitutional challenges affecting the lives of all of our citizens. I have tried to handle each case before me in a way that is consistent with my oath of office – without favoritism to any party, and applying the law in a fair and equal manner to all.  


In 2022, I am seeking re-election to the Superior Court bench for a third

eight-year term. I ask for your vote and your support. I pledge to you that I will continue to do all that I possibly can – through hard work, fairness and professionalism – to make you proud of our North Carolina courts and to honor the noble ends of justice.

What they're saying about Judge Ridgeway

"Judge Paul Ridgeway has proven himself to be a fair and honest judge who works very hard to follow the law and do justice to everyone who comes into his court in every case. He is respectful and patient with all parties and lets them know that the courts are there to do justice to all. He is an excellent judge and I am proud to support him."

Burley Mitchell
Former Chief Justice,
NC Supreme Court

Follow the link below to make a donation through PayPal. Candidates for Superior Court cannot accept more than $5,600 per contributor per election. Corporate or business contributions are prohibited. Thank you for continued support!

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